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Module containing helper functions for graphics-related operations on webdrivers and snapshots.

import importlib.resources
import logging

from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont

from .color import Color
from .geometry import Point, Rectangle

logger = logging.getLogger("wtl")

[docs]def crop_image(image: Image.Image, rect: Rectangle) -> Image.Image: """ Crops the part of the image specified by its ``rect``. Rectangle specified by ``rect`` must lie inside of the image bounds. """ if rect.area == 0: raise ValueError(f"Rectangle {rect} is degenerate") # Rectangle we crop out must be somewhere within the image image_rect = Rectangle(Point(0, 0), Point(image.width, image.height)) if rect not in image_rect: raise ValueError(f"Bounds {rect} outside of image area {image_rect}") return image.crop(rect.bounds)
[docs]def draw_rect(image: Image.Image, rect: Rectangle, color: Color, width: int): """ Draws a bounding box around the specified rectangle on the image. """ draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image, mode="RGBA") draw.rectangle(rect.bounds, outline=color.to_tuple(with_alpha=True), width=width)
[docs]def draw_text(image: Image.Image, top_left: Point, color: Color, size: int, text: str): """ Draws text on a PIL image. """ padding = 2 image_width, image_height = image.size with importlib.resources.path("webtraversallibrary.font", "OpenSans-Regular.ttf") as filepath: font = ImageFont.truetype(str(filepath), size) # Make sure text does not exceed image boundaries text_width, text_height = font.getsize(text) draw_text_x = min(top_left.x, image_width - text_width - padding) draw_text_y = min(top_left.y, image_height - text_height - padding) draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image, mode="RGB") draw.text(xy=(draw_text_x, draw_text_y), text=text, fill=color.to_tuple(), font=font)